Hello and welcome to my online home, my name is Jane Spencer-cook and I have been running my own network marketing business since 2008.  I’ve watched our business change with the introduction of online selling and wholeheartedly embraced this new concept that has totally transformed the way we build our business today.  Please take a moment to look through my website and if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.  Find out how to join Kleeneze and KLife by watching the videos below.

Run Your own online Business

Networking and Social Selling is sweeping across the world; it combines the Internet’s two most popular activities – social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and more) and online shopping (e.g. eBay, Amazon and millions of others). Social Selling involves the sale of products through an online store allowing Social Networkers to earn money any time night or day.
As a Social Networker you simply post pictures, descriptions and prices of products from your Kleeneze or Klife online shop, to social media platforms through your profile and groups. You make money every time someone places an order.
We provide you with your own online store complete with thousands of popular, great value household products from the Kleeneze and Klife range. Our product line includes clothes, electrical goods, products for the kitchen and garden as well as an appealing beauty range.
Kleeneze and Klife

Stock Holding

When you join our team in Kleeneze and Klife you don’t need to worry about stock, billing or staff as our fulfilment and customer service centre deals with all this for you. You don’t need any qualifications or experience; if you use social media you’re already qualified. You will be provided with all of the tools and training necessary to Network and retail products online showing you how to build a business through our Network Marketing model  which can be earning you money within the first 3 hours.
Choose your own hours
When you become a Kleeneze or KLife distributor, social networking and social selling enables you to work hours that suit you. You could work just a few hours each day – maybe early in the morning or while your children are at school or after work. Perhaps it suits you better to work in the evening or late at night? You could work six hours every Monday or just every other weekend. Work traditional hours like 9-5 weekdays or change your working pattern every day. The working hours are entirely up to you, the money you earn is related to the amount of time you work.

Join Kleeneze and Klife with a Huge expansion on the way

With our powerful business model that has been trading in the UK for over 90 years we already have thousands of people building businesses via our brochure method.  Now with the addition of Social Selling through social media we urgently require more to cope with surging demand.
Receive your free information within 24 hrs or speak to me direct

This could be the new business venture you’ve been looking for. Why not call and have a no obligation chat with me and find out all about how you can start a business online today.

You have a choice of Materials with 5 kits at this time and choose the best you can get your hands on as the more brochures you have the more customers you can look after at any one time

Use these links only for UK residents as the kits are in Sterling only
Join Kleeneze and Klife with Kit Number 1 for UK BROCHURE METHOD x 250

This kit also includes all Online services.
Join Kleeneze and  Klife Kit Number 5 UK ONLINE METHOD ONLY

If you are based in Republic of Ireland and any Euro country use these
Join Kleeneze and Klife with Kit Number 1 for ROI BROUCHER METHOD X 250

This kit also includes all Online services.
Join Kleeneze and  Klife Kit Number 5 ROI ONLINE METHOD ONLY