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Since 1993

Looking for a change of direction or new career or just an extra income alongside your present situation…
Then watch this short video and see if you can identify with the content in any way and then call Jane on 07506697352 today and look at the possibilities and maybe take the next step and watch the next video. You can ask Jane any question, OK.
We are looking for two types of people:
Firstly; we help people earn an immediate income of £300-£500 per month part time working 10-15 hours per week.
We are also looking for more ambitious people to train to become team leaders and team coordinators. Our training programme will enable team leaders to earn £1000 per month part time within 3-6 months.
Our top earning team coordinators earn in excess of 100K per annum.
Reply to the person who sent you this link to continue your application.
If this income opportunity is not what you wish for then please reply and let Jane know your situation has changed so she can go on to the next application, Thank you

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You’ll have the ability to impact thousands of people all around the world.
The fastest way to grow your business is with laser-focused, personalised advice and attention — now available in a concise package.
Personalised coaching can be many times more effective at achieving incredible results because we can focus on exactly the spots in your business that need the most attention.
This private coaching experience can cover any topic you like, from a general business review to addressing a particular challenge or goal. We’ll meet by Skype or by phone to go over your unique concerns and challenges. I will provide specific insights, suggestions, recommendations, and action steps to help you take your business to that next level — whatever it might be.
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